Poker Machines have been our favourite pastime for years. As this is unlikely to change, you should jump on the bandwagon and enjoy this casino game. We invite you to find out some tips and tricks that might help you win on poker machines.

Pokies and Their Appeal

It’s no wonder why we like to play on slot machines. They relax us and make us forget about that one colleague who keeps pushing our buttons. And with every press of the machine’s button, we are one step closer to putting everything bad in the past. Pokies are one of the reasons why we can face the world in the morning completely at ease. With this in mind, as we owe so much to them, it is perhaps worthwhile to see whether there is any chance we can land a win.

Playing for Fun Is Not Only a Fun Option

This should be the main takeaway when talking about wagering real money. The majority of players disregard the option of playing for free and plunge headfirst into the world of gambling. They believe that they know all the rules and that free play is only a waste of time. Oh, how wrong they are…

Thus, don’t be one of those know-it-alls — go through a number of online casinos and see which one offers free play (and most of them do). After this, you can select your favourite casino game and enjoy some downtime without the stress of losing your money. What is more, you can brush up on your knowledge and learn the terminology. It might be of great help to know what wild symbols are and how they increase your chances. Moreover, they’ll bring you one step closer to getting the winning combination.

Additionally, free play will introduce you to the concept of multipliers. This feature multiplies the winning prize by a nominated factor. If you’re fortunate and notice “5x”, then your reward will be increased fivefold.

And by playing for free, you’ll access various slots and see how each of them works. This might help you determine which ones are deserving of your attention and money. Some might suit you more than others, and what better way to test this than by playing for fun? Finally, you might opt to play only progressive jackpot slots, as they are more thrilling to some players.

Know What a Casino Offers

casino offers

If you want to increase your odds of winning, then you should devote your time to researching various offers and then go with the best one. Namely, bonuses are there to help you earn more and provide interesting features that’ll make you return to a particular slot over and over again. Of course, every promotion has certain Terms and Conditions that might and might not work in your favour. Consequently, you’d first need to check if they come with wagering requirements (newsflash: they mostly do) and whether you can cash them out or not once you fulfil them. And one more thing worth mentioning is that not all slot games are eligible for a particular bonus. Hence, all the more reason for you to take the general rules seriously.

Besides, if a casino grants free spins to their players, then you should make use of them. They’ll help you try out a number of different slots. Some players are even able to check slot volatility with those free spins. From there on, they can decide if high or low volatility slots are more their thing.

On another note, one more thing you should investigate, either while playing online or in a land-based casino, are the free spin features. These are easily found in the gameplay. In order to trigger them, you’d probably need to get a few scatter symbols. And they are a great addition to slots — a casino ensures that the actual gameplay is not tedious and has a variety of amusing characteristics. That is why selecting a slot that has great bonuses won’t only entertain you but might even get you closer to winning.

The More Paylines, the Better?

This section is dedicated to two types of players — the ones who like to savour their time in front of a poker machine and those who like to finish a game as quickly as possible.

Therefore, there are players out there who believe that playing slots with one payline will lead them to their winning combination. And they stick to their belief without ever activating more. Apart from this, they like to prolong their gameplay as much as possible. This makes them place smaller bets and try to match the symbols on one line only.

On the other hand, some players like to activate all available paylines and finish their gameplay before you can say knife. This is more thrilling to them, and they don’t care that they might lose their money before they even realise what is happening.

Also, most poker machines allow their players to select how many paylines they want to activate, while some are fixed. These paylines are crucial, as you need to arrange the symbols on them. Only when this happens will you come out as a winner.

In addition, you can start your journey by checking the paytables before spinning the reels. This way, you’ll become knowledgeable about the playthroughs and bonuses. From there on, you’d need to select the number of lines. Of course, if you’re the first type of player, then you can go with one or just a few paylines. But if you’re the second type, then you can activate all of them.

Most progressive jackpot slots prompt you to select all paylines and wager the maximum bet in order to be eligible for the highest prize. So if chasing a progressive jackpot is your thing, by all means, go ahead.

Additionally, to some, the game itself can be a tad boring if they only use one payline. But in the end, it actually depends on you and your expectations as a player. If you want to wager more money and finish the rounds immediately, then go with all the paylines. However, if you wish to check just how close you are to the winning combination with only one payline and enjoy your time in front of a slot machine, then opt for this option. But you should keep in mind the following — your chances of profiting are the same in each case.

Pokies: Their History in Australia

Australia Pokies

Australia got its first pokie machine in 1953. Namely, a game named The Clubman was released by the company Aristocrat, and it caught the eye of many Aussies. The company worked on all the flaws their first machine had and launched The Clubmaster after several years. And they couldn’t believe their luck when a new law allowed these gaming machines to become an integral part of many clubs. Specifically, New South Wales was the first to permit their use in 1956. After this, many other regulatory bodies went on to pass the same law, so pokie mania spread all over Australia.

Furthermore, these machines didn’t have many fun features in the beginning, but this didn’t stop Aussies from devoting a considerable amount of time to them. During this period, players would only pull a lever and wait to see if luck was on their side that day. However, throughout the years, manufacturers upgraded the machines and added more paylines. Of course, nobody expected to win a lot of money, but people were looking for entertainment back then.

Moreover, casinos launched video poker machines in the 1980s. They had more reels and paylines. Apart from this, they offered a number of features that made the whole experience better. Players could get free spins and select many other options. Consequently, they had bigger chances of winning.

Additionally, later on, Aussies could start enjoying pokies even from the comfort of their homes due to the development of technology. This was a massive boost for the gambling industry, and a vast number of players could connect with each other and make gaming more realistic. Casinos introduced a myriad of different bonuses and launched advertisements that attracted pokie enthusiasts. Also, these new online pokie machines began using a random number generator, which ensured the games were fair. And not much has changed in recent years. Apart from the random number generator, many casinos promote their return to player percentage and house edge, which, in a way, gives us an insight into what we should expect.


In conclusion, the above might help you land a win on poker machines. However, it is vital to know that this is a game of chance. Thus, you can’t just use some tricks and guarantee yourself a big prize. After all, luck is the most important factor in this casino game.

Nonetheless, you should get to know a pokie machine before you place a wager and go with the one that has special bonuses that’ll enhance your experience. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Go find your favourite slot and see whether any of these tips will help you.