How to win on pokies

If you’re fond of slot machines, or pokies, as we Aussies call them, then you know how painfully frustrating it can be when the elusive win keeps slipping through your fingers. I used to boil with anger whenever the reel would stop an inch away from that Wild that would net me a big win or unlock a bonus feature. Naturally, in a fit of rage, I would keep betting (and losing) more and more — until I’d run myself dry. I would walk out of the casino hating the game, the “rigged” RNG, and often hate myself for being stupid enough to dump half of my paycheck into pokies.

But that’s all far behind me now. Today, I consider myself a “reformed pokie player.” So what changed? Not much, apart for my attitude towards slot machines. I was so caught up in the “battle” against those devilish machines that I started researching into the strategies, techniques, tips and tricks that would help me beat them. I bet you’re eager to learn what I’ve discovered and what the “secret” to winning on pokies is!

As much as I hate to break it to you, there isn’t one. There is no “secret” strategy or method that makes a slot machine consistently spew out money — no way to trick the system. Pokies are heavily RNG-dependant. Their outcome is determined solely by your luck. However, there are ways to skew the odds in your favour. In this article, I’m going to share the top 50 “secret” techniques I’ve learned that will help increase your chances of winning at pokies.

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New 50 Secret Techniques for Winning on Pokies

First, it’s important to understand all the different elements included in the game. Apart from the obvious, the slot machine itself, both the casino you’re playing in and you — the player — can have a drastic impact on the outcome of each play session. What mood you’re in and what betting technique you decide to employ is equally as important as which slot you opt for. Also, the casino might offer generous bonuses and free spins that will effectively boost your odds by lowering or eliminating the risk factor altogether.

So I’ll break down these strategies into four separate, yet tightly knit categories: Mindset, Game, Casino, and Addiction. As I said, there are 50 strategies I want to share with you here. This way, it’ll be much easier to memorise them, so you can implement what you’ve learned the next time you face off against pokies.


Stay Alert

First and foremost, you need to enter each play session with a clear head. It’s vital to stay focused while playing pokies. Otherwise, you might select the wrong paylines or play with a max bet without noticing. And when the balance hits 0, it’ll be too late to get your head back in the game. So make sure there’s nothing else on your mind that would distract you and make you lose focus.

Don’t Drink

Online casino No alcoholI know, I know, it’s tempting when a casino offers you drinks while you play. It feels great when you can sip your whiskey and smoke a cigar while playing. It feels like you’re “the man.” However, make sure you aren’t too deep in your cups. If you get tipsy, let alone drunk, your attention will completely slip away.

You might get a decent win, but your brain will fail to register it. Then, you’ll just keep spinning away until you’ve played all the money back. Or you’ll be stuck on a losing streak, but will keep depositing until there’s nothing left in your wallet. And when you come to, you’ll heavily regret your decisions. So it’s best to avoid these scenarios by refraining from drinking while you’re playing.

Remain Calm

Most of us love the thrill that accompanies every game of chance. With every spin, you can feel the adrenaline rush and the growing anticipation of that huge win. However, if the slot keeps “eating your money” by dishing out losing combinations, things can get out of hand rather quickly.

When you’re emotionally charged, you’re more prone to making hasty decisions on the spur of the moment. Trust me; I’ve been there. When you keep angrily betting and hitting that spin button like a maniac, you’ll quickly find you’ve lost more than you can afford. So keep your emotions in check.

Don’t Lose Your Temper

One of the most important things you need to understand before sitting down at a slot machine is that you are NOT going to win every time. In fact, unless you’re lucky, you’ll often lose more than you’ll win. These games are designed to make the casino money. So you might leave the casino empty-handed from time to time.

In these moments, it’s essential to keep your cool. If you start yelling, swearing, and hitting the machine, you might find yourself thrown out on the street and banned by the casino. Sure, there are plenty of casinos you can play in, but this type of behaviour is quite distasteful. Instead, cut your losses, leave the casino, and come back another day when luck might be on your side.

Never Chase Your Losses

Online pokies think straight Speaking of betting on a whim, never chase your losses. This is a surefire way to go completely broke. I understand that it’s not exactly pleasant to dump a few hundred dollars into a slot machine and not get a single win. It leaves that lingering, bitter feeling. However, the sooner you learn to embrace it, the better.

Otherwise, you might fall into the trap of betting until you win your money back. After two or three losses in a row, it gets progressively worse. You have to bet more and win more to end up with a net zero. And this is precisely how people get into debt that ends up dictating the course of their entire lives.

Only Gamble with the Money You’re Comfortable with Losing

This should be every gambler’s golden rule. Losing is inevitable. It will eventually happen, no matter what. You might win 9 out of 10 times, but you can’t avoid the loss. The trick isn’t to prevent losses. The only way to do that would be never to play another game again.

The trick lies in being ok with losing. And that’s only possible if you’re gambling with the money you can spare. In other words, never gamble with the money that’s supposed to go towards something like rent, or God forbid — someone else’s money.

Develop and Stick to a Bankroll Strategy

This is a failsafe whose purpose is to stop you from spending more than you should. A bankroll strategy simply refers to predetermining how much money you can afford to wager. Still, it boils down to the level of self-control you possess. It’s still up to you to quit playing after you reach that number.

Similarly, you should have a bankroll strategy for winning as well. Have an exact number in your head, be it $100, $200, or cash $500 that you’ll be happy to walk away with. That way, you will know when to quit, instead of constantly chasing after the next big win.

Forget The “Gambler’s Fallacy”

The most common myth when it comes to gambling, and specifically pokies, is that the machine is bound to pay out at one point. How many times have you heard someone, or even caught yourself saying: “It has to give something good sooner or later!”

The problem is, it really doesn’t. First, the machine has no memory that would keep track of all the results from each of your spins. Secondly, even if it did — that’s not how percentages work. I’ll keep it simple here, for the sake of explanation.

Say there’s a 50–50 chance to win or lose a game. Take a coin flip, for example. If you spin it and it lands tails, what’s the chance that it’ll land heads on the next spin? It’s exactly the same — 50%, and it never changes no matter how many tails you get in a row. It doesn’t mean you have to win on the second try. In fact, it doesn’t mean you have to win ever. In theory, the coin could land tails a billion times in a row. It’s not impossible, just statistically improbable.

It’s Impossible to Predict a Jackpot

That was just with 2 options. Now, imagine hundreds of thousands of possible combinations on a slot machine. Sure, if we hit enough spins, it will eventually give a winning combination that would mean you won the grand jackpot. It might happen with the next spin, the next day, or 10 years from now. The wins on pokies are impossible to predict.

It’s not like you can count the cards to give yourself an advantage, as you would in Blackjack. However as many times as you spin the slot machine, the chances of hitting the jackpot remain the same — incredibly small. So don’t fool yourself into spending more money than you originally intended to because you can “feel” that the next big win is around the corner.

The Slot Machine Is Never Full

When slots first appeared in the 80s, people mistakenly believed that the slots would pay out every time they’re “full.” I don’t know in which world it would make sense that, whoever programmed the machine, told it to start handing out winnings when it was so full it couldn’t take any more coins.

In my opinion, it would make much more sense if it somehow signalled the fact to the casino staff. Something along the lines of a car alarm, that would prompt the workers to empty out the machine so the players could carry on with the game. Secondly, it would take years for the machine to fill up all the way to the top. And even then, it wouldn’t spill out.

Make Peace with the RNG

If you want to pin your wins and loses on anyone, pin them on the Random Number Generator (RNG). Technically, slot machines utilise the Pseudo-RNG, but my point is the same. Every time you make a spin, the algorithm within a game pulls a sequence of random numbers. Instead of the numbers, the game displays colourful images. Technically, pokies are just skins built around the PRNG element.

So there is no conspiracy against you. The game doesn’t house a leprechaun that’s deliberately choosing symbols that’ll make you lose money — everything’s random. There are just slightly more losing combinations than winning ones.

Leave out the Superstitions

Since the outcome of slot machines is entirely random, you’ll find the “standard” luck-boosting methods surprisingly ineffective. A golden horseshoe on a chain around your neck won’t do anything other than weigh your head down. The rabbit’s foot in your pocket will just keep the other players guessing what the source of the acrid smell is.

Jokes aside, praying to RNGesus won’t have much of an impact on the results of your spins. It’s best to do away with ridiculous superstitions and develop a legitimate betting strategy that might genuinely boost your chances of winning, even if just slightly.

Don’t Go in Expecting You’ll Come out a Millionaire

Jackpots do happen, but they are so few and far between that it would be insane to walk into a casino expecting you’ll come out a millionaire. I’m not saying it’s impossible. All I’m saying is that your expectations should be a bit more grounded. That way, even if you don’t win anything, you won’t feel quite as bad.

Have Fun

How to win on pokies Have funThis is the attitude shift that completely transformed my outlook. Pokies, and gambling in general, are by no means a reliable way to win money. They are thrilling because of that possibility, but your primary goal should be to have fun.

If you don’t enjoy the gameplay, then what’s the point? In that case, you would be better off putting the $50 you intended to gamble with on the side. You won’t be stressed or frustrated and will have money to fall back on if/when push comes to shove.

And if you do genuinely like pokie games, then the smartest thing to do is to limit the amount of money you’re going to bet. That way, you can walk away even after a loss with a feeling that you’ve had your fun, without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Keep It Fresh

If you stubbornly stick to a single slot, you’ll get bored rather quickly. And we’ve already established that your goal should be to have as much fun as possible. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different slots, especially if the game you’re playing at the moment isn’t providing any winning combinations.

Play with Coins

Here’s a piece of advice if you’re frequently playing at land-based casinos: play with coins instead of notes. The reason is simple — you want to maximise your playing time. Playing more hands indirectly increases your odds of winning by giving the RNG more chances to pull a winning combination.


Find the Best Game

Not all slots are created equal. Some are more visually appealing, with stunning 3D graphics, while others might have better bonus rounds, more paylines, or higher return to player rate. When you’re in a land casino, your choices might be limited — depending on how many machines are available. In online casinos, however, you can typically choose between hundreds of different pokies. In that case, do your homework and try to learn as much as possible about the casino, and the slots you’re most interested in.

Find out the RTP

Return to Play (RTP) is a representation of how much a particular slot machine is expected to pay out to their players in the long run. It’s the polar opposite of the “house edge,” a term that denotes how much the house (casino) will win from the player. Both of these terms have the same function — to tell you, roughly, how often you can expect to win.

With an RTP of 90%, for every $100 the house takes, it will pay out $90 over a large number of spins. So the higher the RTP, the better. Reputable online casinos, licensed by good regulatory bodies, publish the RTP of their slots. So to maximise your chances of winning, pick the pokies with the highest return to player rates.

Play Online

Apart from the obvious — being in the comfort of your home, playing casino games online has multiple other benefits. When it comes to pokies, the most notable one is that online casinos, as a rule of thumb, offer higher RTP rates on their slots than land-based casinos.

For instance, under Australian law, the average slot machine is required to have an RTP of at least 87.5%. As you would imagine, a lot of casinos go for the lowest possible option. However, in the online gambling world, the situation is a bit different. There are hundreds of software manufacturers and countless online casinos out there.

One of the strategies to stay competitive and attract the attention of players is increasing the RTP rates of their games. As a result, the RTP in online casinos can be as high as 98%!

Check the Pay Table

Before you sit down, set your bet, and start spinning — always check the slot’s pay table. In case you’re new to the wondrous world of pokies, a pay table is a full list of winning combinations on slots and poker machines.

The newer slots also provide information regarding Wilds, bonus rounds, and free spins. Still, even the classic slots will provide enough information that’ll help you determine how lucrative each combination of symbols is. Then, it’s only a matter of comparing the pay tables of multiple games and seeing which one has better potential payouts.

Check the Paylines

Paylines are the lines that cross each reel to make a winning combination. They typically start on the first reel and must hold at least two identical symbols in a row for the combination to pay out.

When deciding which pokie to play, consider the number of available paylines. However, there are still some slots with a maximum of 9 paylines. But in my opinion, having only 9 options is quite limiting. Instead, choose a slot that provides a bit more flexibility.

However, be careful about how many lines you’re betting on. It might seem like you’re given a ton of chances to win, but most of those wins would be minuscule unless they consist of special symbols. Besides, betting on all lines will quickly dry out your entire balance.

Don’t Get Blinded by Progressive Jackpots

online casino jackpot slotSome slots feature progressive jackpots — jackpots that grow in size the more people play the slot in question. These jackpots can reach astronomical numbers, with the prize pool getting as big as $10 Million. Admittedly, hitting the jackpot at any of these progressive slots would effectively mean you’d be set for the rest of your life. But how often do you think these slots pay out?

Naturally, casinos can’t pay out multi-million dollar jackpots every month. These jackpots happen once in a blue moon. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t play progressives at all. If you enjoy the particular slot, then feel free. All I’m saying is that, if you notice you’re on a losing streak, it’s best to switch to a different game instead of chasing after the massive jackpot.

Avoid the Classics as Well

If you’re looking to boost your chances, then it’s probably best to stay away from classic slots. Although you might be nostalgic when it comes to some of these games, keep in mind that slots in the past weren’t as generous. In fact, the bulk of them featured only 9 paylines and had no bonus rounds whatsoever.

Play 3D Slots and i-Slots

Apart from being far superior in terms of paylines, bonus rounds, and special features, 3D slots and interactive slots are simply more fun to play. Casino software providers are constantly coming up with new stuff to keep their players entertained. Rival, for instance, is known for their library of breathtaking 3D slots that will make your every play session much more enjoyable than playing on a 15-year old machine at your local casino.

And if you want even more immersive gameplay, check out RealTime Gaming’s i-slots series. These slots gradually reveal a part of the story as you play, effectively adding a new layer of depth to each game. As I said, your primary goal should be to have fun. That’s why I wholeheartedly suggest checking out these slots in one of the online casinos powered by these two software providers.

Look for Bonus Rounds

An inherent benefit of 3D and interactive slots are the bonus rounds. Namely, while playing these slots, you might hit a combination of Wilds or special symbols that will activate the bonus. The bonus can be as simple as a couple of bonus spins, or in some instances — a completely different mini-game. Depending on the specific slot, the bonus rounds can be quite lucrative if your luck spills over to them as well.

Try the Free-Play Mode First

How do you determine which slot has a great bonus round? Simple — you try the demo version first. Most online casinos allow you to play for free, as well as wager real money. Give a slot a couple of spins in the demo mode to “test it out.” You’ll get a vague idea of how much it pays out, and an opportunity to see its bonus round firsthand, without any risk involved.

Make Sure Your Bets Are High Enough to Activate Bonus Features

Some slot machines are programmed to lock special features if your bets are on the lower end of the scale. So make sure you’re betting the minimal amount that would trigger these features to increase your chances of winning. And since casinos encourage the players to wager more money, they won’t hide this information. In fact, some of the slots I’ve played warned me that my bet was lower than the necessary bet for bonuses to be active. So just pay attention to what the software states regarding bonus rounds and comply with the requirements.

Check the Slot’s Volatility

Another variable to keep in mind when deciding which pokie machine you want to try out is volatility. In terms of slots, volatility refers to the frequency of payouts. Lower volatility would mean that there’s isn’t as high of a discrepancy between the spins, as is the case with games with high volatility.

This works on the risk-reward principle. The payouts with high volatility games are few and far between, but they are significantly higher. On the other hand, lower volatility slots pay more frequently, but in smaller amounts. From personal experience, I would suggest something in between — a game with medium volatility.

You’ll rarely find this information on the casino’s website, so your best options would be either to google it for the particular slot, or preferably — try out the slot yourself in the demo mode.

Don’t Senselessly Increase Your Bets

We’ve already established that the outcome of pokies is completely random. So there’s no point in increasing the bet when you’re on a losing streak. This won’t increase your chances of winning in the slightest. The only thing that changes is the potential winnings amount. The chance of getting a winning combination remains exactly the same.

The same goes when you get a few wins in a row. The slot machine is just that — a machine. It didn’t suddenly get in a good mood and decide to be more generous towards the players. Increasing the bet when you’re already winning will have no effect on the result itself. You might win more if you win, but whether or not you win depends solely on your luck.

Don’t Be Afraid to “Dig Deeper”

There are thousands of different slot games out there. Don’t limit yourself only to the most popular pokies from the biggest software developers. Here’s the thing with branded slots — they attract you with their name. Sure, they might have next-gen graphics and outstanding animations, but what’s important is the RTP.

Less popular slots might have higher payout percentages as a way of attracting new players. To combat the industry giants, they have to offer either something new, unique, or completely mind-blowing. It’s either that or lower the house edge. So it pays off (literally) to search for lesser-known slots and give them a few spins.

Listen to Other Players’ Feedback

The best and the fastest way to discern how good a particular slot machine is is to listen to what other players have to say about it. Of course, the comments from people that managed to hit big wins will be overwhelmingly positive. However, what you should be interested in is the overall vibe.

Check to see what others have to say about volatility, the bonus rounds, and the return to player. If a particular slot consistently receives praises from the vast majority of the playerbase, it might be worth your time.

Don’t Play Your Winnings

We all get greedy sometimes. We’re only humans, so it’s understandable. However, if I had to choose a single piece of advice to give a fellow gambler from this article, it would be this: do not play back your winnings.

It might feel like you’ve got more “resources” to play with and can be a bit more liberal with your bets. But if you allow yourself to be too carefree, you might quickly return all the money you won to the machine. Essentially, you’re tempting fate because your chances of winning twice in a row are statistically much lower.

Now, I’m not saying you should stop playing the second the reels stop on a winning combination. Instead, what you can do is cash out a part of your winnings and only leave the amount equal to your initial deposit to continue playing with. That way, you won’t be tempted to play back every dollar you just won.


Take Advantage of Promotions

Another extremely effective way of changing the odds in your favour is by taking advantage of any promotions the casino is offering. For instance, an online casino may offer 50 free spins as part of their first deposit bonus. If that’s the case, you’re indirectly increasing your chances of winning because there is absolutely no risk.

So if you’re planning on playing online, check out multiple casinos and compare their promotions. If they aren’t tied to deposits but are instead “free chips,” you should try your luck at all of the casinos and see if you can win some money.

“Game of the Month”

Some casinos have special promotions like “Game of the Month.” This particular promotion puts the spotlight on a particular slot game and gives the players multiple benefits for choosing it over other slots. These can be anything from higher payouts to more free spins during a bonus round or double comp points. Whatever the case may be with a specific casino and slot, the fact remains that you’re getting more from the money you wager than you would without these promotions. So be on the lookout for these.

Leverage Deposit Bonuses

Nothing beats playing pokies with other people’s money, right? No, I’m not talking about stealing or borrowing money from your friends to feed your gambling addiction. I’m talking about the bonuses online casinos offer whenever you make a deposit. Most of them are matching bonuses of 100% or 200%, but some can even go above 500%.

These bonuses allow you to get more “bang for your buck,” literally. When you deposit, say $100, you’ll get $100 (or more, depending on the bonus) added to your account balance. What this means is that you’re effectively doubling your chances of winning. However, there’s a small catch with casino bonuses that you need to be aware of.

Check If the Bonuses Are Sticky

Never judge a bonus by its amount! The first thing you need to check is whether or not the bonuses a casino offers are sticky. If a bonus is “sticky,” it means it will be removed from your account balance during cashout. In other words, you’re playing with borrowed money. If that’s the case, the casino is actually doing you a disfavour.

You can usually find this information in the Terms and Conditions of any casino you’re interested in. If you run into words like “non-withdrawable” or “non-redeemable” — then your suspicions will be confirmed. Be mindful, however, that the absence of these two words doesn’t automatically mean you can cash them out. It’s best to contact customer support and inquire about whether the casino allows the players to withdraw the bonuses.

Don’t Forget the Wagering Requirements

Online casino games BonusesWhile you’re going through the Terms, keep an eye out for wagering requirements. Some casinos might refer to them as “rollover requirements” or “playthroughs,” but they are the same exact thing. The WRs signify how much money you have to wager before you’re eligible for a withdrawal.

Some casinos offer seemingly generous bonuses but effectively prevent you from ever withdrawing a dime by employing astronomical wagering requirements. Imagine depositing $100 and claiming a matching bonus, only to find that you must wager these two sums combined 40 or 50 times before requesting a payout.

Legitimate, reputable online casinos that aren’t trying to scam you out of your money usually have wagering requirements of 15x–25x deposit + bonus, or 15x–40x bonus.

Check for “Hidden” Bonus Terms

Sometimes, the casino will include the words “unless otherwise stated” in their terms. This is their way of making sure that they can “change the rules of the game” if they deem it necessary. So when claiming a bonus, make sure you fully understand which terms apply to it. If you’re not 100% certain what the requirements and restrictions are, contact the casino’s customer service.

Maximum Cashout

Although claiming bonuses will increase your odds of winning, you’ll also be treading on treacherous waters more often than not. Another thing to pay attention to is whether or not there is a max cashout for bonus play. It would make sense for a casino to limit how much money you can withdraw while playing with a free chip, but there’s no sense in enforcing a limitation on deposit bonuses.

So if there’s a max withdrawal limit for bonus play, I highly suggest looking for a different, less restrictive casino. I can’t imagine a worse scenario than winning thousands of dollars at a slot only to later realise that you can only withdraw $500 or $1,000.

Restricted Games

This one should be obvious, so it almost slipped my mind. Before betting a single cent of bonus money at any online casino, make sure slots aren’t one of the restricted games. Admittedly, this is a very rare occasion, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Some casinos might automatically restrict which games you can play with bonus funds in your account. However, most don’t and expect you to read their Terms in full. If you bet bonus money on a restricted game, it’s like you haven’t claimed it at all. It’s considered a breach of their T&Cs and both your bonus and your winnings will be void.

Maximum Bet Allowed

The same goes for the maximum allowed bet. Some software might automatically prevent you from increasing the bet over the limit; some might not. Still, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re compliant with all the casino’s rules during bonus play, so add the max bet to the list of things you need to figure out before playing.

Join a Casino’s VIP Program

Apart from the standard bonuses, most online casinos also have a VIP program available. They are definitely worth checking out, since they offer additional benefits like comp points you can exchange for cash, cashback, free spins, etc.

No matter how you look at it, these are essentially free rewards. You’ll get more stuff just by playing, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Participate in Tournaments

Additionally, some casinos also host tournaments on a weekly or monthly basis. These aren’t tournaments in a traditional sense since you’re not facing off against other players head to head. Instead, you gain points by scoring wins on the slot in question. The players with the most points at the end of the tournament win additional rewards on top of the money they accrued by playing the game.


Admit You Have a Problem

Online gambling addictionWhen battling addiction, the first step is always to admit to yourself that you have a problem. I’m not saying everyone playing pokies is an addict, but it is one of the most addictive games of chance. If you’re constantly thinking about gambling, pondering who you can borrow money from, or neglecting your responsibilities — it might be time for an intervention.

However, before anyone else can help you, you must first help yourself. Stop lying to yourself and making up excuses if you notice that your “hobby” is getting out of hand. There’s no shame in admitting you have a problem. In fact, being honest with yourself and others is the only way to overcome it.

Limit Your Playing Time

The next step would be to limit your playing time. Time flies when you’re having fun. And before you know it, you’ve spent 6 hours in your casino, and everyone back home is wondering if something happened to you on your way back from work… It’s vital to be mindful of how much of your time you’re spending playing pokies. Set the alarm an hour from when you sit down at a slot machine and don’t ignore it. As soon as your phone starts ringing, cash out and leave the casino.

Learn When to Walk Away

The worst lie you can tell yourself is “just a few more spins.” Few spins turn into a few dozens, then a hundred, and so on. And when you come to, you’ll realise it’s already midnight and you’ve done nothing with your life apart from sinking money into a slot machine. Learn when to walk away. If you hit a big win, cash out and leave the casino. If you wager your entire balance, walk away instead of depositing even more money to try and win back what you’ve lost.

Practice Self-Control

This is important in all areas of life, not just when it comes to gambling. Remember: “Everything in moderation.” I know, I know, it’s easier said than done. But nobody who exercises great self-control is superhuman. It’s all about practice. You have to make it a habit to stop yourself from overindulging in anything, pokies included.

Let Your Friends Help

Although it may seem like your friends are constantly nagging, even though they don’t understand your situation, you might want to pay a bit more attention to what they’re saying. If multiple people are bringing attention to your gambling habits, it must be pretty apparent that you have a gambling problem. Don’t be afraid to talk about it with your friends and loved ones. They can help you set some boundaries so you can more effectively suppress the urge.


If nothing else works, then you might need to seek professional help. There are plenty of counselling groups out there helping people overcome their gambling problems. And no, it’s nothing like going to AA meetings. Professional psychologists will listen to you and genuinely recommend useful, applicable advice that will help you keep the addiction in check. Provided that you listen and invest the necessary effort, of course.

Gambling Isn’t a Solution to Your Financial Problems

Finally, you must fully understand the fact that gambling is, and never will be, a way to quickly and effortlessly earn a ton of money. Sure, if you’re extremely lucky, you might hit the jackpot and be set for life. But that’s highly unlikely and anything but reliable.

More often than not, gambling will only make your financial problems even worse. Like I’ve said, only gamble with the money you can afford to lose. If you’re short on cash, stay away from casinos and figure out a way to earn more money that doesn’t involve “rolling the dice.”

You’re All Set Now

Phew, that was a lot to take in, wasn’t it? I understand this article is lengthy, but I wanted to share everything you need to know about pokies, all in one place. If you follow the 50 “secret” techniques I’ve outlined here, you’ll maximise your chances of winning the next time you sit down at a pokie machine.

The only thing left for me to do is wish you good luck and remind you to always gamble responsibly!