For all of you fellow pokie players who are wondering how to win slots, I have made a little guide. Stay with me and learn some tips and tricks that will help you beat any poker machine. Whether you prefer online casinos to land-based ones or vice versa, you will find the following advice useful.

The Game of Luck

As you probably already know, pokies are among the most common casino games. You can find them upon entering almost any casino or loading nearly every gambling website. There is a wide range of different slot machines depending on the provider that powers them. You can encounter numerous themed slots, and choose the one that appeals to you the most. It is not just about what the game can offer to you, it’s also about the design.

Pay attention to the title of this paragraph. Pokies are entirely based on luck, so they do not require any special skills. Therefore, you do not need to tire yourself learning a bunch of rules and strategies. You can simply spin the reels and enjoy the game, and hopefully, its outcome as well. However, the fact that pokies are a game of luck does not mean you can’t do anything to enhance your chances of winning. That is the best part, my friends. You can gather a few pieces of information, and make the reels spin in your favour.

What Is RTP?

Whenever you read about pokies or listen to your mates who play pokies talk about them, you are likely to hear the acronym RTP. It is actually an essential step towards your goal — Winning the game. RTP stands for ‘Return To Player,’ and it is expressed in percentages. The higher the RTP rate, the greater your odds of winning. However, it is important to highlight the difference between land-based pokie machines and the ones you can find online when it comes to this factor.

The traditional machines are designed to have a lower RTP rate in comparison to their virtual counterparts. The reason for this is simple — The number of online pokies exceeds the number of land-based ones by far. Therefore, the players have more options to choose from. Additionally, it’s the casino operators who have to conform to players, not the other way around. Keep that in mind the next time you are looking for a way to play pokies. Instead of walking into a random casino, surf the Internet and play online.

How About RNG?

There is one more abbreviation you ought to be familiar with when choosing a slot machine. No matter which game you play, it is supposed to be fair in order to be profitable. That is the purpose of RNG — The random number generator. Its role is to generate numbers or symbols, depending on the game, in a way that cannot be predicted. It is rather important because randomness is essential when it comes to gambling. In fact, it is essential that a game is random in order to be fair. That is why you should pay attention to this factor when you are on a lookout for a slot machine. After all, you do not want to wind up being a victim of fraudsters.

Think Progressively

Jackpot PokiesAs I have already mentioned, there is a notable diversity in the selection of slot games. Not only do the games differ in terms of themes, but they also have different features. Remember that when you search for a slot game to play for real money. Some features, such as the progressive jackpot, can turn out to be quite lucrative. However, not every pokie machine has it, so make sure you choose the ones that do. Trust me, you will thank me once you trigger it.

Progressive jackpot grows each time a player makes a deposit. There is a chance you will be the one to collect the amount of money it holds. It can be triggered randomly after any game, so stay persistent, and may the luck be with you whenever you spin the reels.

Rejoice at Bonuses

You know how the first thing you get to see when you load an online casino is usually a banner advertising the bonuses? Well, some of them apply to slot games, and there are some that the game itself provides. Let’s see what bonuses you can look forward to when you play pokies.

First of all, there is a welcome bonus. It is basically the money a casino gifts you, which you can use while playing the game. Just imagine the following scenario — You enter a casino, claim its welcome bonus, and spin the reels of a slot machine using it. All of a sudden, you win the game, or better yet, you unlock the progressive jackpot. Congratulations, you have managed to win money without spending a dime.

Moving on to free spins. As you know, pokies are all about symbols. Depending on a theme, symbols are pictures of characters or objects from a time period, a book, or a movie. Every slot machine has wild and scatter symbols. The point is to land a certain number of symbols in a particular order. When you manage to do that, you can trigger a feature called free spins. Once again, congratulations are due — You get to spin the reels a couple of more times using the bonus you have unlocked.


Different slot machines have a different number of paylines. You can come across the ones with fewer or more combinations, so it is up to you to choose. If you choose a machine that enables you to lay a bet on every payline, you will have to wager more money, but you will also be more likely to land a winning combination. It is risky, but taking risks goes hand in hand with gambling.

Take Your Time

Now that you know what you can use to your advantage in order to beat pokies, I have to stress out how important it is to be careful and not to rush into anything. If you want to play pokies online, from the comfort of your home, take your time as you navigate the Internet. Read the reviews about the websites you come upon, and make sure the one you choose is established and can be trusted. Do not disregard the importance of the software providers that power it either. They are the key to entertaining games with good graphics and lucrative features.

Have Fun

Even though it is great to win money playing your favourite game, do not let the idea of big winnings consume you. The point is to have fun — After all, his is what games are all about. Take everything you have learned into consideration and use it to your advantage. That way, you may get a nice addition to your pastime, and earn money as you enjoy your new hobby. The more features, the bigger the number of possibilities. The higher the RTP rate, the greater your odds. If you apply these simple tips, your gambling experience will be that much more satisfying.